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Notorious Horsemanship: In the Round Pen with Tristen Baroni

Originally published in Legends of the West Magazine.

In the American West, there has never been a more notorious partnership than that of horse and man. From the indigenous tribes to today’s cattlemen, a trusted mount has been vital to conquering the wild frontier.

But long before horses carried warriors to victory or moved their cowboy counterparts along the vast and dusty trails, they roamed wild. They were the prey and feared the very predators who would ultimately tame them.

Over the years, equine professionals have established bloodlines that produce legends. Conformation, color, disposition, and ability are among the qualities that are skillfully bred into these extraordinary creatures. Yet, one thing that remains unaltered is their God-given instincts; to shy away from those who trigger an emotional response, making their alliance with mankind forever fragile.

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