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Freeman Ranch raises over $10 grand for local law enforcement

PC: BQ Gauck Photography (Brian Gauck)

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Jolene Hamilton

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(Yoder, CO | Nov. 16, 2020) - In rural America and the western lifestyle, we see things black, white, and blue. We believe there are two kinds of people—those who break the law and those who honor it. There's a thin blue line that separates the two, and if that blue line were to fade, a civilized nation would be lost.

While "Defund the Police" is being chanted in big city streets, Freeman Ranch brought cowboys, cowgirls, and cops together to protect that thin blue line and preserve law and order.

On October 17 in Yoder, Freeman Ranch hosted a Back the Blue Team Roping and Barrel Racing with all proceeds going to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

"At Freeman Ranch, we believe there are two kinds of people we can't afford to lose, and that's cowboys and cops," says Freeman Ranch spokesperson Jolene Hamilton. "One keeps us fed, and the other keeps us safe."

"Not only has EPCS served us with pride and honor since 1861, but they also continue to uphold the rights and liberties of every American during these unprecedented times," says Hamilton.

Several police officers, first responders, and even top state officials were present at the ranch located an hour from the nearest city.