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Freeman Ranch moves its horse and cattle operations to Pritchett, Colorado

(Pritchett, CO. - July 1, 2023) - Freeman Ranch has moved its horse and cattle operation from Yoder, Colorado, to Pritchett, Colorado.

The move stems from Freeman Ranch's unprecedented growth in the last few years and will enable Freeman Ranch to be more central to its Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado client base.

Aside from being more accessible to the operation's Longhorn and Quarter Horse clientele, the Pritchett location boasts 28,000 deeded and leased acres of rugged terrain, which helps produce more resilient and versatile working ranch and performance horses.

"From birth, our horses will naturally learn to climb rocks, cross rivers, and coexist with predatory wildlife, yielding a horse with sharper instincts and survival skills," says Russell Freeman. "The result is a resilient cow horse with better footing, agility, and versatility."

Freeman Ranch specializes in cow-bred and Hancock horses, superior Longhorn, and beef cattle. Horse showings are available by appointment only. Contact Tristen Baroni to schedule your visit: 406-560-5857,

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