• #36

    Hip No. 36 - a future broodmare we will be using in our breeding program. This filly has 4 generations of our breeding decisions

  • #57

    Hip No. 57 - out of an appendix mare rope horse prospect deluxe

  • CrossV Skips Cadillac

    Hip No. 3 - out of a big 16 hand mare and an own son of Smooth as a Cat that has qualified for the AQHA World Show for 3 times before he was 5

  • CrossV Blue Lena

    Hip No. 2 - A blue gelding out of an own daughter of Smart Little Lena daughter

  • CrossV Blue Trixie

    Hip No. 51 - out of an appendix mare and a 16.1 stud nice big black filly what will have a set of wheels to catch a calf or a can

  • CrossV Try Hickory

    Hip No. 24 - High Brow cat on this dun roan filly

  • CrossV Million N Try

    Hip No. 216 - A Dun Roan filly with Freckles Playboy on her papers

  • CrossV Travis Try

    Hip Letter L -a dun roan gelding out of an amazing mare. This horse will have some speed and a great mind.

  • CrossV War Go Dash

    Hip No. 18 - This roan colt will be a great using horse out of a Nebraska bred mare and by "Cash" who is out of a Dash for Cash mare.

  • CrossV Rowdy Cat

    Hip No. 42 - A smoky black stud colt out of a metalic cat grand daughter and Rip Rowdy, Both parents are Blue and 5 panel clean this potential stud prospect could be homozygous black and roan he will be tested.

  • CrossV Bonnets Try

    Hip No. 40 - SOLD - Double grulla with lots of size and bone. 5 panel clean through parentage sired by Gus. He is expected to be EEaaDnDnRnrn. He is heterozygous roan and anticipated to be homozygous black and dun. 37.5% Crowheart Chicarro, 27.5% Blue Valentine, 19% Leo Hancock Hayes, 12% Joe Hancock.

  • Shay Me a Wagon

    Hip No. 38 - A Wagons West (si107) daughter out of a Cowtown's Cat mare. A cow chaser with serious wheels.

  • Raggedy Ann Wagon

    Hip No. 32 - A blue roan daughter of Wagons West her mother is kind and easy to be around and is a graduate of LCC.

  • CrossV Try Jesse

    Hip No. 20 - Both her parents are homozygous dun and black, she should get some size as she is out of Gus 15.3 and 1300 pounds.

  • CrossV GoDash Robin

    Hip No. 54 - This roan colt will be a great using horse out of a Nebraska bred mare and by "Cash" who is out of a Dash for Cash mare.

  • CrossV Etta Colorado

    SOLD - Hip No. 15 - Chestnut roan with no white colt out of "Cash", this will be a ride around horse with speed and no one will have another colored like him.

  • CrossV GoDash Badger

    Hip No. 9 - Cut a cow or catch one sired by Cash who goes back to Dash For Cash on his papers.

  • CrossV Buzz Cat

    Hip No. 7 - Fancy colt out of our first ranch mare who makes a calm good minded colt and by Cadilac Cat who qualified for the AQHA world show 3 times by the time he was 5 a smooth as a cat son.

  • CrossV Leo Try San

    Hip No. 44 - This is our 44 mare's first colt and boy is it nice! Mare 44 is out of the 7 mare who was our first brood mare and breeds them with size and quiet. If you like flashy stripes on a horse this colt has it. We will test this colt for gray to see if he will keep all the grulla look. This colt will be easy to be around.

  • CrossV Whittemore

    Hip No. 21 - Classy Roan filly with white on her hind foot sired by Gus out of our ranch foundation mare Justa Whittemore Son.

  • #12

    Hip No. 12 - A smoky black filly out of a dash for cash bred mare and Rip Rowdy Blue out 16.1 gentle giant stud.

  • CrossV Try Spark

    Hip No. 8 - A fancy dun roan filly out of a Shining Spark mare and Gus our 15.3 stud who weighs in at 1300 pounds he is a gentle giant that rides around nice.

  • CrossV Bonnets Pep

    Hip No. 17 - This fancy muscled up filly is out of a Dual Pep daughter that goes to Doc Bar 5 times if your looking to breed her both her parents are roan so she should be homogyzous 5 panel clean through parentage.

  • CrossV Cats Domino

    Hip No. 6 - Sometimes the planets align Here is a blue Stud colt out of a 15.1 speed bred mare Domino and Cadilac Cat a cutting bred stud that qualified for the world 3 times in heeling there is a 4.85% chance of getting a blue out of this cross.

  • CrossV Jaggedy Tiger

    Hip No. 14 - This blue roan filly will be able to run her mother could flat carry the mail and her sire is out of a Dash for Cash mare.

  • CrossV Blue Advantag

    Hip No. 41 - Blue Roan filly that should get big sired by 16.1 Rip Rowdy Blue out of a Hancock mare this will be the most Hancock breeding of any colt this year.

  • CrossV Cute Bonnet

    Hip No. 43 - Flashy roan colt out of an own daughter of Cowtowns Cat by Gus (Bonnets Try L4) our 15.3 1300 pound Grulla Roan stud.

  • CrossV Try Wheat

    Hip No. 56 - Fancy roan filly out of the great rope horse Stormin Man mare she is correct and will have some size.


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